Strategic Ideas Worth Sharing

A European Conference on Strategic Planning & SEA

Going LIVE on 9-11th Sept 2020

A virtual, accessible-anywhere, three-day event


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“In a locked down world, the best opportunity for Strategic Planning professionals to network and exchange views this year” EKKI

Tallinn Forum conferences brings together the people and companies redefining European Cities and Landscapes.


What is the Tallinn forum?

We are a not for profit partnership from Sweden, Estonia, and the UK, with the mindset that bold Strategic Plan-making, coupled with strong decision-making, leads to Visible Sustainable Development Outcomes for Communities.

At a time of great uncertainty, we are seeking to promote a forward-looking strategic planning culture that address the issues of today and the solutions for tomorrow within Sustainability planning, and to ask a simple question: Where to next?

Our VIRTUAL ONLINE conference format is simple.  Tailored interactive sessions led by recognised experts allowing the maximum time for networking discussion and topic exploration.  At a Tallinn Forum event you will spend more time debating in small group discussion!

Strategic Ideas Worth Sharing

The objectives of the Tallinn Forum are to lead networking opportunities for the exchange of knowledge and best practice, using the platforms of debate, inter-communication, training and research between sustainable planning community, decision-makers, and business

Preliminary Programme & Session Themes

The proposed programme sets out the current sessions proposed by our Technical Committee.  We reserve the right to amend Topics and Themes.

All times are CET.  Proposed Draft Programme at 17.06.2020

Day 1 - Wednesday, September 9th, 2020

09:30 Opening Introduction (link)

09:45 Keynote: SEA as a change agent, Lone Kørnøv, Denmark (link) (video)

10:30 Virtual coffee break (networking)

11:00 Parallel Session 1
Session A - SEA’s role in restructuring energy systems for tomorrow's energy landscape (link-1) (link-2) (link-3)
Session B - Health is disruptive – Will it be better integrated with SEA in a (post) COVID-19 world? (link-1) (link-2) (link-3) (link-4) (link-5)

12:30 Break

13:00 Tallinn Forum Open Discussion No 1
Ecosystem Services + SEA – A strong enough partnership to protect European biodiversity? (link)

14:00 Break

14:15 Parallel Session 2
Session C – Strategic Planning & Climate change (the promotion of low carbon economies) (link-1) (link-2)
Session D - Caught in the crossfire - When governments confuse plans for policies (link)

16.00 Virtual Drinks (Networking)

Day 2 – Thursday, September 10th, 2020

10.00     Keynote: SEAs untapped potential, Gesa Geißler, Germany (link) (video)

10:30     Virtual coffee break (Networking)

11:00     Parallel Session 3

Session E - SEA as an arena for conflict resolution in land use planning (link-1) (link-2)

Session F - Bridging the parallel worlds of public and private sustainability strategies (link)

12:30     Break

13:00     Tallinn Forum Open Discussion No 2: Putting strategic back into SEA (link)

14:00     Break (15min.)

14:15     Parallel Session 4

Session G - Digital SEA, technical and social trends (link)

Session H - Marine Spatial planning - a new domain for Strategic Planning & SEA (link-1) (link-2) (link-3) (link-4) (link-5) (link-6)

16.00     Virtual Drinks

Day 3 - Friday, September 11th, 2020

10.00     Keynote: Current gaps in Strategic Planning & SEA knowledge, Thomas Fischer, UK (link) (video)

10:30     Virtual coffee break

11:00     Parallel Session 5

Session I - Smart cities and urban mobility - what could SEA contribute? (link)

Session J - SEA for Agriculture and Rural development strategies in the EU: a future challenge (link-1) (link-2) (link-3) (link-4) (link-5)

12:30     Break

13:00     Tallinn Forum Open Discussion No 3: Can SEA help Strategic Planning deliver Sustainable Development Goals (link)

14:00     Wrap-up of conference (link)

The conference will employ all the advances of the modern online format, including small group workshops, discussion groups. It will be interactive, engaging and fun. We will not forget even online conference reception.

Meet the Conference Sessions Team

Heikki Kalle

Heikki Kalle - Co-founder of the Tallinn Forum, Director at DGE Group and EKKI, Estonia

Ross Marshall

Ross Marshall - Co-founder of the Tallinn Forum, Director at Leading Green, UK

Gesa Geißler

Gesa Geißler - Research Assistant  at Technische Universität Berlin, Germany

Charlotta Faith-Ell

Charlotta Faith-Ell - Co-founder of the Tallinn Forum, MIUN, EKKI and WSP, Sweden

Heikki Kalle

Alexandra Jiricka-Pürrer - Senior Scientist, BOKU, Vienna, Austria

Thomas Fischer

Thomas Fischer - Professor, University of Liverpool, UK

Ben Cave

Ben Cave - Ben Cave Associates, UK

Holmfridur Bjarnadottir

Holmfridur Bjarnadottir - Director of Environment and Planning at Veitur, Iceland

Lone Kørnøv

Lone Kørnøv - Professor at Aalborg University, Denmark

Giorgio Baldizzone

Giorgio Baldizzone - Owner and expert at GBS, Italy

Johann Köppel

Johann Köppel - Professor, Technische Universität Berlin, Germany

Maria Rosario Partidario

Maria Rosario Partidario - Associate Professor at Lissabon Technical University, Portugal

Åsa Lind Chong

Åsa Lind Chong  - Teacher of Sustainability and Law, MIUN, Sweden

Jan Schmidtbauer Crona

Jan Schmidtbauer Crona – Senior Analyst, SWAM, Sweden

Pille Metspalu

Pille Metspalu - Leading planner, Hendrikson & Ko, Estonia

Pille Metspalu

Carlo Rega - Researcher at European Commission, Joint Research Centre (Ispra, IT)

Anna Longueville

Anna Longueville - lecturer on EIA/SEA MIUN, Sweden

Christian Plas

Christian Plas - Managing Partner, Denkstatt. Austria

Boyan Rashev

Boyan Rashev - Managing Partner, Denkstatt, Bulgaria


We’ll be joined by strategic planning community, SEA specialists and governmental representatives


We live in uncertain times for future strategic planning. At the Tallinn Forum in 2020 we welcome the people who are tackling and addressing the big challenges facing society today. Our sessions will cover topics in environmental sustainability.


The Tallinn Forum 2020 will be the largest gathering of strategic planning experts and supporting services this year in Europe

Organisers & Partners

Tallinn Forum

Tallinn Forum

leading green

Leading Green, UK


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The Estonian Environment Institute, Estonia

Technische Universität Berlin

Technische Universität Berlin

Technische Universität Berlin

International Associacion for Impact Assessment

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